Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Best Boyfriend I've Had Is Married

It's really sad that I've been with a bunch of different types of guys and the only one that's ever treated me the way a lady should be treated, is married. My married boyfriend.... still going strong for over two years now. He's only been married a year and a half but that's not the point. He brought up it up last night after our amazing date night, that I spend a lot of money on him, with getting hotel rooms, buying him lunches or dinners sometimes, giving him gas money, etc... and all he has in return is mind blowing amazing sex... but that's not even the case. If he was like any of the last few guys I've spent my money on like that, he would disrespect me and treat me like garbage. But he doesn't. He's sweet and caring, and even though our time is limited and his love is shared with his wife and kids, he's still the most genuine guy. He's never lied to me, he's always upfront and honest about what's going on. He's mature and things that would gross most guys out about a woman's body, don't affect him. We make our relationship work despite what our friends think about it. I see him everyday now, because we work together. He's amazing that he helped me get a better paying job. You would think we get sick of each other being that close now, but we don't. We're just the best of friends at work, and sometimes we can get a little intimate but we usually wait for the mornings after work for all that. And how I love those mornings! I'm 90% sure that most of my family knows he's married and knows that I'm still seeing him. My sister outed me a few months ago at a baby shower. But it really doesn't matter what they think, because they're not dating him. I am. And I'm happy and we know what we're doing. They should just want me to be happy right? It may be morally wrong what we're doing, but we don't care. All that morals stuff doesn't get in the way. My conscience isn't beating away at me for what I'm doing with him. We're not flaunting our tryst around. We can't do a lot of public things for the sake of his wife finding out, but that's okay. I don't need all that "in your face" public romance. I love sneaking around with him. I love spending five hours or so hiding away in a hotel room, with a hot tub in the room (if I may add), getting taco bell after an intense round of steamy sex... and cuddling up with some Pawn Stars on tv. If we could, we would do that every Friday night. But we can't, because plans fall through, money is an issue, rooms are expensive, and every other thing that gets in the way. But the nights that we do get like those, are always special and amazing and memorable. I'm in love with the best man I've ever met and known, and I don't care that he's married. Because when I look at him, he's not married. When I'm with him, it's just me and him. The world isn't there. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!

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